Hello to all all you loyal readers! For those of you who don’t know, my full name is Kamila Podvisotskaya. With that last name, I’m sure you guys can guess where I’m from. lol. I’m originally from Ukraine & speak/understand fluent Russian or at least I try. Haha. I have a twin sister, Kristina Podvisotskaya. She is 15 minutes older and also loves all things fashion. Although she is almost into fashion as much as I am, she is studying for her CPA as of right now while I am in Fashion Buying.

The reason I started my own fashion blog is because I’ve always wanted to blog about my style, fashion experiences, fashion dilemmas, all things fashion, honestly! I am extremely proud of how far I’ve got and can’t wait to share upcoming ideas with you guys using my blog to really emphasize on who I am and daily looks that I truly love. It’s really a challenge to balance full time work, my blog and a social life but I try to stay as consistent as possible. I really appreciate the readers and commentators. I wouldn’t stay motivated if it weren’t for you guys. I created my fashion & lifestyle blog to show you guys that we can pull anything off if we are confident in our own unique style and brand and to advocate expression through fashion.

Thank you!