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I’ve been shopping on a budget lately and I don’t mind it. There are so many great online retailers lately that I’ve become that shopper who runs home to see whats by my door. I love coming home to packages

Lately I’ve been receiving so many cute packages from brands and I can’t stop bragging about them, @lilybod being one of them. Lilybod is a sportswear brand for

It’s been quiet a while since I visited Astroland. For those of you who haven’t visited yet, it just reopened for its 75th anniversary! Kind of crazy but it’s been around for awhile. I decided to take

I don’t even need to talk about this Nomia blazer. The pictures say it all. I’ve always had an issue buying blazers because they are so masculine and I’m


Chanel really does no wrong. I am obsessed with these “Shield Fall” sunnies and I can’t stop. I don’t really buy sunglasses too often because I have a terrible tendency of losing them but


I did move to the city last February but everyone who knows me, knows that I was raised in Brooklyn since the age of 4. Brooklyn is my home and there’s nothing like home. Although NYC will always be the beautiful big apple, living in the city really made me understand that I

The other day my sister and I were talking and she brought up a very valid point. All the things we used to hate wearing as children are the things I love to wear now! Hats, gloves, layers, jackets…I don’t know about

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