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I’ve been shopping on a budget lately and I don’t mind it. There are so many great online retailers lately that I’ve become that shopper who runs home to see whats by my door. I love coming home to packages

I don’t even need to talk about this Nomia blazer. The pictures say it all. I’ve always had an issue buying blazers because they are so masculine and I’m

BRRRRRRR – it’s freaking cold today and I wasn’t prepared. I failed to look at my weather app thinking it’s going to be just as nice as yesterday. I was in for a rude awakening. Luckily for me – I didn’t have to go far. After an errand I quickly ran home and changed my sneakers into Uggs

Hey guys! I hope everyone is staying warm and not allowing this weather to fool us. So many people are getting sick at work and I’m just drinking my Vitamin C so I can leave in peace to California next week. While the temperatures are decreasing gradually, my closet is definitely transitioning to warmer stuff. As I’ve mentioned in my prior blog post, turtlenecks and dresses are


So I joined the Golden Goose club and can’t get enough of these kicks! I am seriously in love with all of them hence I now know what the obsession is all about! The idea of a dirty sneaker is not something everyone understands. I’m sure it took some of us a little while 

Living life in Midtown isn’t the easiest. Rent really takes over my life and because of that I’m on a real budget. If it’s something I’m going to spend my money on it would definitely be shoes and handbags. As you guys know I’m a shoe fanatic and anyone who doesn’t


The best thing about my sister moving into my apartment is the variety of clothing options I have now. (With double the clothing and shoes!) This week has been a rainy one but I didn’t really pay

I recently went to Miami and went to the outlets over there. I heard they had a Barney’s Warehouse over there so I decided to see what it was about. Although I didn’t find so many good pieces at the warehouse, I remember seeing this Rag & Bone jumpsuit on


Thank God to the past weekend because at least I know I took advantage of the warm weather we had. Waking up to freezing cold weather in the high 20’s was not something I expected and now I just feel like summer is never coming. I had Friday and Saturday off so it felt extremely relaxing not to have

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