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Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend like I am. I’m actually in Chitown right now and freezing my butt off. It was 18 degrees when we flew in and I can tell you I wasn’t prepared

The next part of my itinerary was Napa Valley and Sonoma, California. I’ve totally fallen in love with this part of California and don’t know if I’m staying in New York for much longer. Just kidding but there is definitely some thought about moving to California in general. This reminded my parents a lot of their childhood because just like this part in California, there were many vineyards in Ukraine and the beauty is unreal. I don’t know about the maintenance of the vineyards all the way over in Eastern Europe but in

The past week, I’ve been in parts of California I never knew existed. I decided to split my trip into a few posts because I don’t want to write too much but I want to state that I am left speechless after getting to know different cities in CA. Although my parents had this planned for quite awhile, I wasn’t part of their plans till they extended their invite spontaneously. I mean my parents always want to bring my twin and I everywhere but I got lucky with the holidays…I


Fall has officially started for us and I don’t necessarily know how I feel about that yet. Although we had a humid summer here in New York City, I feel like most of us didn’t have time to make those full transitions yet! I haven’t really reorganized my closet and well, because I didn’t think


My twin sister and I try to go to Miami every month just to getaway for a few days, something like a mini-vaca. Although Miami is like a second home to my family, this time Kris and I decided to change it up. I’ve always heard good things about Texas but