By now I’m hoping everyone who reads my blog knows that I have a shoe addiction. There are different types of shoppers; some are bag-obsessed and others, well they’re like me, who never have enough shoes. Since winter is nearly approaching, I decided to splurge on a boot I’ve been dying for the past few months. I’ve been eyeing the LOWLAND over-the-knee boot by Stuart Weitzman for a few months and I finally made the decision. I knew they ran a half size small so I decided on the all-black leather size 7. (Anyone who has these on their wishlist, please go down a half size at minimum. They run big.) These boots aren’t all that inexpensive but I’ve never gotten so many compliments in one day from wearing a boot. These boots are flawless- stretchy but hugging the leg just right. Although I was debating between the taupe or black suede, I chose black-leather. The leather LOWLAND are definitely more practical for the upcoming winter season. PS. don’t debate on them, just buy them and if heights the issue, I’m 5’4. That’s sort of short but I look pretty slim and sophisticated. Shop this boot at Stuart Weitzman.








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  1. wizard says:

    Puta var jo bare helt nydelig… hørte du hadde vært flink til Ã¥ hjelpe til. Kjente jeg rødmet litt nÃ¥r venninnen min fortalte at hun hadde sagt hun skulle kjøpte gave til frufjeldhammer…*LOL*Det er jo sÃ¥ mye fint i butikken deres at man vet jo ikke hva man skal kjøpe fordi man gjerne kunne ta meg seg alt!! *S*Kos deg videre..klem

  2. Coralie says:

    Wow, this is in every recpset what I needed to know.

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