I don’t know where to begin, I’ve had one of the most stressful weeks ever but I don’t want to bore you guys so I won’t fully go into how I’m feeling. I’m not going to lie having today off feels really nice & relaxing. Like I mentioned before on my Instagram, sometimes you really just need to CHILL in sweatpants and no makeup on. Although I wish that was the case, even when I’m not working – I am working so the makeup had to stay on in my posts! lol.

Today is Friday Bum-day for me and I’m really trying to enjoy every minute of it. (Ironic because I still did write up a blog post but whatever – I felt the need to share) I really wanted to dedicate my blog to something I feel like a lot of girls & guys can relate to especially in New York. I know I’ve been going through it lately and it’s so hard to deny it. We get so caught up in living in this social media world that we forget to enjoy the time we have when we don’t need to be on it. It’s important to understand that social media isn’t everything. It may sound dramatic and a little contradicting especially because my social media is important to me and my business but we have to learn how to RELAX. Relax without having a constant urge to upload a photo or check out the lives of other people. Yes, we are all a little hypocritical – def. not denying it but it’s time to start trying to live in OUR worlds. The constant urge to express ourselves through social media to feel value is crazy to think about but we all do it.

Schedule some YOU time and some SOCIAL MEDIA time. The two should be separated.
Go out and enjoy your friends, family and life.
Read a book and find some balance.

PS. this is my look for the day & it feels freakin amazing to be in sweatpants & a sweatshirt. I’m really enjoying my day off. Taking some time off is always necessary. Lastly, I hope I didn’t come off as a lecturer cause that was the last thing I really wanted to sound like. And I won’t be going cold turkey and quitting social media just like that & I’m not suggesting anyone to do it either. Just learn how to live in the moment and to enjoy the ones around you because those are the moments that really matter.

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  1. Kat says:

    I love all your pics Kam! I love reading your posts also!

  2. Kat says:

    Love all you look Kam! I love reading your post also =]

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